Phantasmagorganism EP

by The Monotremes

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Phantasmagorganism EP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Enjoy and/or suffer the Phantasmagorganism. It's EXPERIMENTAL
and that. If you like lots of genres in one song kind of thing.


released November 29, 2013

Reuben Lewis, Zach Raffan - Trumpet
Nicholas Combe - Baritone saxophone
Adam Cook - Keyboards, production (all tracks except Preponderous)
Matt Rankin - Keyboards, backing vox
Justin Bullock - Bass, production (on Preponderous)
Alec Coulson - Bass
Adam Dickson - Drums (Preponderous, How Could You?)
Jonathan Griffiths - Drums, percussion (No York)



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The Monotremes Canberra, Australia

The Monotremes are currently a six-piece comprising two keyboardists/vocalists, trumpet, baritone sax, bass and drums.

They have been gigging around Canberra in various manifestations since late 2010. The Monotremes began as a duo, then trio, quartet. Their first horn player was an electric bassoonist.

The first EP, Phantasmagorganism, will be available from the 29th Nov 2013.

Until then.
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Track Name: Preponderous
Get out of bed just the other day
Turn the TV on
See what newsman have to say
Same old shit as yesterday

They were killing each other and not one of them know why
Kicking and screaming and not of them know why
Burning and looting and not one of them know why
And I don't understand, no I don't understand

I can't understand, no I can't understand
And I can't help it, can't help it
It makes my brain go sideways

The taxman he live for free
One day I ask him:
"Hey Mr. Taxman,
Why you live so easily?"
The Taxman he say to me
The answer to your question
The answer to eternity
Track Name: No York
You came into the room, and showed off all of your new clothes.
You didn't realise that you weren't wearing clothes.

You packed all your bags and you skipped town, with the intent to put it in your shoe one day, I guess that's your cross to bear.
And now you're back again with what would seem for more, but don't you know we have a certain way that we do things round here?

This town is not New York my friend.

You ate the baby food, and spilled it all all over your new clothes.
You danced with dinosaurs, and none of them were even wearing clothes.

etc. etc.
Track Name: How Could You?
It's early morning
The day is barely dawning
I look around and you are yawning
With pine needles in your hair

You're pleased to see me
Though you would not want to be me
For though my eyes are sweet and dreamy
I have a tendency to stare

You wear no make-up
In one hour you must wake-up
I make an offer you must take up
As though the moment never cared

I want to tie myself inside a hessian sack
You are the straw that has broken this camel's back
I am the voodoo doll and you're the final tack
I am the fissure and my head's about to crack

You threw a rock at me that I could not ignore
When I'd been down the road a million times before
Is there a fairytale behind this rotting door?
Well now it's too late, we never will be sure

How Could You Do This To Me?
You left me standing there, with a suitcase in my hand
And it was raining on me
My colours all ran dry, and I did not understand
How You Could Do This To Me?
You left me standing, dying, choking on the corner

My dearest counselor, I'm having trouble sleeping
I'm having dreams wherein I'm weeping
And no one understands
Excuse me officer, I don't know how to say this
It's getting harder every day, just
Get This Harpy Off My Hands

etc. etc.